Marbles Bear

Marbles Bear: CGC Test & Wedding Day Testimonial

Getting Marbles through the good citizen canine training was a challenge for all three of us, but Katelin was so great guiding us through it and putting us all at ease and building our skills as we went through. What a happy day we will always remember passing our, ahem, his good citizen canine test. Then on top of ALL of that, Katelin accompanied Marbles to our wedding. What a relief that was for us on our special super busy day to have OUR TRAINER be with our boy through the photo shoot, the ceremony, and while we met with guests. So much fun! Our thanks goes beyond thanking her for being such an excellent trainer, but extends to being such a wonderful person in our lives who has contributed so positively to the joy in our lives. Thank you Katelin.

Macy: Pet Partners Testing

Macy: Training for Pet Partners Testimonial

As a former teacher, I am impressed with Katelin’s ability to adjust her training and instruction style to the different levels of competency of the “parents” and the pups. As a trainer, Katelin is very organized and extremely knowledgeable. She breaks each objective down to easily understood and achievable steps, building to the desired behavior. Katelin is always positive and encouraging, even when we were struggling and there were setbacks. You know she really cares about you and your pup.

Jazmin: Cat Adoption Assistance Testimonial

Katelin did not leave me to fend for myself once I had completed the process of adopting my cats with her. She let me know that she was there to answer any questions I might have, and she really meant it. When one of my cats had a ‘bed wetting’ problem, Katelin immediately offered suggestions.

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