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Help your dog to learn…

  • Loose leash walking
  • Coming when called
  • Drop it & leave it
  • Focus (which is key to training!)
  • Basics: sit, down, stay, go to your place
  • Relaxation & impulse control
  • To stop digging, jumping, chewing, barking, play biting
  • Not to become aggressive
  • To be less fearful or anxious
  • Potty & crate training
  • Therapy work

Or, maybe you are…

  • Searching for the right pup for your family, but not sure what dog would be best
  • Puppy-proofing your house and need a professional’s advice and expertise
  • Socializing your new puppy and are not sure if what is the healthiest & most helpful way to do it
  • Training your adolescent dog (a.k.a., “I’ve lost their interest and focus, again! What do I do??”)
  • Adopting an adult dog and you’re not sure where to start training them
  • Introducing new family members: partners, roommates, friends, kids!, another dog, cats
  • Hoping they can and be a part of your wedding, and would like a professional to train them for, and manage them on, the big day!

I would like to help! My methods are to…

  • Train without force or intimidation
  • Help build a bond between you, your dog, and your family based on mutual respect and understanding
  • Create safe, fun, & effective family-friendly training plans
  • Reinforce good behaviors frequently, with a goal of rewarding less frequently once a behavior is learned and proofed
  • Work with you & your dog, or work with your dog alone

Help your cat not to…

  • Scratch furniture
  • Spray
  • Urinate or defecate in inappropriate places
  • Display aggressive reactions to people or other animals
  • Yowl excessively

Maybe you would like to…

  • Find a kitty to adopt and you’re not sure where to start
  • Introduce a new cat to your clowder
  • Walk your cat on-leash
  • Socialize your cat appropriately
  • Visit the vet with less stress
  • Add family members and help your cat to accept them
  • Teach them tricks! (yes, really!)

I would love to help! My methods are to…

  • Have a thorough veterinary exam to rule out health issues
  • Enrich your cat’s environment
  • Prevent unwanted behaviors
  • Encourage your cat to feel more comfortable in new situations, at their pace
  • Work with your cat alone, or a session with us working together

From 8 weeks old to seniorhood, Coexist Canine Coaching is offering & developing courses that use the latest in training methods and research.

Please view “Sign-Up” in the menu under “Services & Pricing” for current course offerings. If you have any questions or requests, please contact me!

Private Dog and Cat Training Sessions are competitively priced at $95. Price may be updated to reflect multiple session packages, or to cover additional travel time.

Group Classes are $30/hour session with 4 students. The number of weeks vary so that the material is covered to address your dog’s age & skill level. For exact pricing, number weeks for each course, and additional details, please see the Sign-up page.

Coexist Canine Coaching tailors Private Training, and as much as possible, Group Classes, to your family’s specific needs. Please call 971.221.2397 or contact me if you would like to talk about your dog or cat, so we can discuss the best way to tackle your training plan.

We will be working together to reach your goals, so I would love us to get to know one another and ensure we will be a great match! Please check out “About me” for more information on my methods and background.

If you call, you can expect…

  1. Our initial phone call, texts, messages, or emails will relate information about you and your cat or dog
    • If I do not reply immediately, I am likely with another student or unavailable
    • Please let me know in your message some times when I best directly get in touch with you
  2. We will work out the best course of action to tackle training, then schedule sessions.
  3. Our first session!
  4. For Private Training, you will receive an email write-up 24-72 hours after the session to recap all recommendations
  5. I offer support during business hours as you work on skills