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Family sessions: Any and all family members are welcome and encouraged to be present. You may ask questions as we work and I will help you with the mechanics of training each skill step by step. We tailor the training to your family, house, and needs. I travel to your desired location, usually in home, and the session is an hour and a half. After the session, I email you all recommendations, references, and resources. $115 per session. (If 5 sessions are purchased, the total is reduced to $525.)

Trainer sessions: I work alone with your dog or cat, then send you video & updates of what we worked on and how to do it yourself. You don’t even need to be there! We will talk on the phone about the training you need, and how we can organize the sessions. Packages are required and sold as 5 sessions – a total cost of $475. Included is a 30 minute meeting prior to the session, if needed, to obtain keys and meet each other.

Reactive dog in-home board & train/housesitting: We will talk when you call to ensure there is availability for the dates you need, and that we are all a good match for training techniques. Then we meet before you leave to discuss behaviors and care and develop a behavior plan. While you are away you will receive video updates and information on your furry family members! After you return, we will have one family session to hand the training skills over to you. Pricing includes training up to two animals (price increases if more animals are in need of training), care for the house (e.g., mail, security), plants, additional animals who are not in need training, hours of care at night and some rest times between working sessions, a meeting prior to leaving and a Family Session upon returning. $300 per 24 hour day.

Wedding day dog sitting and training: We will chat on the phone to ensure I have availability and that we are a good match. Included is travel for the day of the wedding, managing your dog during the ceremony, prioritizing your baby so you don’t have to worry!, setting up for photos, and general care for your best little friend. Pricing will be determined upon discussion of time and needs, and if there is training required prior to your big day!

Puppy raising package: Five trainer sessions a week for 4 months to get you past puppy stage and into adolescence (80 sessions). Through adolescence (6 months-9 months), sessions will reduce to three trainer sessions a week to maintain and manage your growing pup as they develop into teenagers (36 sessions). To ensure your pup has come through teenage months to grow into a confident and calm adult, you will have one trainer session a week as they age to one year (12 sessions). A total of 128 sessions to get you from puppyhood to adulthood $10,240.

Puppy Culture Breeder Program: Are you a Puppy Culture Breeder or aspiring one? Do you rear puppies with a shelter or rescue? Do you manage volunteers and employees who assist in puppy rearing? This service is for you! With experience in Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) for the young babies, Puppy Culture Puppy Parties for six week old pups, temperament testing at eight weeks old, I am here to help guide you to raising the best puppies possible by helping you step by step to apply Puppy Culture Protocols and recommendations. For rescues, a one-hour consult with a presentation to guide you and set you up for the program is $95. For breeders, we will organize a number of visits from before the puppies are born up to them entering their new homes with recommendations for the new families for continued work. Each breeder session is an hour and priced at $95 per session.

CGC & AAT Prep: Canine Good Citizen testing or prep, and Animal Assisted Therapy Team test prep is an hour session, scheduled at an appropriately challenging location, and is $75 per session.

ESA & Service Animal Prep: I recommend we schedule a number of Trainer Sessions and Family Sessions for this service. Training for Service takes time as the animals must perform assistance tasks helpful to their human companion, and be able to enter public locations appropriately. ESA training involves working on communication with your animal, bonding, and basics, as well as covering with you what Emotional Support Animals are able to access. Family Session packages of 5 are $525, and Trainer Session packages of 5 are $475.

Help your dog to learn…

  • Loose leash walking
  • Coming when called
  • Drop it & leave it
  • Focus (which is key to training!)
  • Basics: sit, down, stay, go to your place
  • Relaxation & impulse control
  • To stop digging, jumping, chewing, barking, play biting
  • Not to become aggressive
  • To be less fearful or anxious
  • Potty & crate training
  • Therapy work
  • Service skills & public access testing

Or, maybe you are…

  • Searching for the right pup for your family, but not sure what dog would be best
  • Puppy-proofing your house and need a professional’s advice and expertise
  • Socializing your new puppy and are not sure if what is the healthiest & most helpful way to do it
  • Training your adolescent dog (a.k.a., “I’ve lost their interest and focus, again! What do I do??”)
  • Adopting an adult dog and you’re not sure where to start training them
  • Introducing new family members: partners, roommates, friends, kids!, another dog, cats
  • Hoping they can and be a part of your wedding, and would like a professional to train them for, and manage them on, the big day!

I would like to help! My methods are to…

  • Train without force or intimidation
  • Help build a bond between you, your dog, and your family based on mutual respect and understanding
  • Create safe, fun, & effective family-friendly training plans
  • Reinforce good behaviors frequently, with a goal of rewarding less frequently once a behavior is learned and proofed
  • Work with you & your dog, or work with your dog alone

Help your cat not to…

  • Scratch furniture
  • Spray
  • Urinate or defecate in inappropriate places
  • Display aggressive reactions to people or other animals
  • Yowl excessively

Maybe you would like to…

  • Find a kitty to adopt and you’re not sure where to start
  • Introduce a new cat to your clowder
  • Walk your cat on-leash
  • Socialize your cat appropriately
  • Visit the vet with less stress
  • Add family members and help your cat to accept them
  • Teach them tricks! (yes, really!)

I would love to help! My methods are to…

  • Have a thorough veterinary exam to rule out health issues
  • Enrich your cat’s environment
  • Prevent unwanted behaviors
  • Encourage your cat to feel more comfortable in new situations, at their pace
  • Work with your cat alone, or a session with us working together