I’m Katelin and I’ve been dedicated to my path of working with animals since the age of 14. While teaching ESL in South Korea for three years, with self-study & application, and the support of the only two certified trainers on the Korean peninsula, I began training cats and dogs as they were fostered and adopted by members of the foreign community.

I returned to the US with my rescued Korean pup, Lucy, in 2013. For three years, I worked at Wonder Puppy on all aspects of the program from training to developing the business. Through my mentor-ship with Casey Newton, I grew as a trainer and advanced my education while managing the business.

In 2016, I founded Coexist Canine Coaching to continue my mission to help people and their pups & kitties better understand each other, so they can live together happily! I enjoy working with people just as much as the cats & dogs… it is about all of us working together.

In addition to Coexist, I also work at Coats & Tails Pet Salon and assist in acclimating puppies to their first grooms! I partner with Viking Veterinary Clinic, a Fear-Free Vet, to offer classes for their patients. I also teach Reactive Rover classes at Synergy Behavior Solutions.

I look forward to working with you soon!

Using science-based, well-researched, intimidation-free, cutting-edge techniques, I approach behavior in a process of Preventing unwanted behaviors, Educating your dog/cat on wanted behaviors and yourself on dog/cat behavior, and Troubleshooting your specific dog/cat in your specific situation.

The training methods & applications I use to achieve your goals are Capturing & Shaping, Targeting, teaching communication and auto-behaviors (Manding), Counter-Conditioning, Imitation & Cognition. By starting as early as you can to socialize and educate your dog/cat, we can help them accept & understand the strange human world we welcome them to share with us!